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Thursday, February 07, 2008 


“Raj Singh”…Kya tumhe maut se darr nahi lagta?

Debates, discussions, likes, dislikes, arguments and disagreements are as much a part of life as they are of cricket. You will rarely find two people having the same ideas about ‘cricket’ and agreeing to something amicably. Then again just as in real life there are some axioms in cricket that bestow equilibrium. One of these is of course the unchallenged superemacy of Sir Donald Bradman. There are people however who feel Sachin Tendulkar lies in the same unconquerable category, but I for one don’t take it as an axiom.

But that discussion apart, there is an axiom in reel life too, the big Bachhan is the Don of Cinema. Unparalled and unbeatable in his exploits. He is the super hero who has changed lives, for the better more often than not, purely through his acting and charisma. But of course going on describing the laurels he has achieved for himself and the country will probably take a few weeks. And that is precisely why I believe it is an axiom. No discussions and debates exist here. Yet some idiots try there hands and mouths at tarnishing his image. Doing such a crime in this day an age is one thing, but doing it for politically motivated ventures is quite amazing. My (un)sincere sympathies to this demented mind. Forgive him ‘god’ for he doesn’t know what he does.

The issue of outsiders and natives has plagues India for years now, and more so in southern and western parts of India. In the western part, Maharashtra more so than Gujarat. I can not understand the weird sense of inferiority complex these people have when it comes to accepting north Indians. If some one would suggest that such disharmony and divisive vibe exists in north India, I can only laugh my stomach off on that. And its pretty big as most of you know. I myself an inherently maharshtrian, have never realised that an issue such as acceptance exists. Delhi has been a true cosmopolitan, not just because it’s difficult for a Punjab or Haryana or UP to stake claim on its heritage, but because people here are so naturally adjusting. If I speak about south Indians, it may not sound fair, but I can say that with some authority about maharashtrians that they are not flexible by birth. And there inability to be social and friendly is reinforced during the course of their childhood and up bringing.

But as I said, the problem lies in an inherent sense of inferiority against north Indians, more so punjabi’s and bhaiyyas. My knowledge of this complex tells me that there are three factors which engrain such a feeling. One, that maharashtrians are physically weaker than their Punjab and UP compatriots so they can never beat them with hands, hence use the mouth to demean them as much as possible. Secondly unlike marathi’s and south Indians, north Indians are great businessmen and entrepreneurs who make a buck and make it quick. Maharashtrians can’t fathom such electric growth and out of the box business skills. They can only catch the local on time with the tiffin in one hand and the nut-bolt in the other and end the day feeling like they achieved something. Thirdly, north Indians have a sense of style and flamboyance which makes them popular and adored when maharashtrians will sit in there home writing slogans on how to keep visitors outside the door step. If you don’t believe me check out for some links on the web on what people in Pune write outside there houses. One of the slogans goes like this ‘ek da bell vazavnyavar uttar dile nahi tar dusryanda bel vazavu naye; dusryanda bell vazavlya var tumcha apmaan kela zail’. Which translated to English means ‘if we don’t answer the door when you ring the bell the first time, don’t ring it again. If you ring it a second time we will humiliate you’. I am talking of people who can afford houses in Pune, so you can imagine these are rich well educated families. I have long detached myself from being called a maharashtrian. I love the fact that I know marathi, for one it is good to know a language and two that my parents never thrust it on me and my sister to learn it. They spoke it and we picked it up, that’s about it. Today I belong to North India, and have always belonged since I was 2. I was born in UP, I lived in Delhi, I read in UP and now I work in Haryana. Not to mention my Punjabi connection ;).

The bottom line is that your belief and ideas are restricted to yourself, but when you are in a society you have to accept others and keep changing accordingly. One might say that why does AB then advertise for UP. I make the following points.

  1. He has spent his early years in UP and those years leave a permanent mark on you.
  2. He still feels like a part of UP and he has all the right to think so, if you notice all his dialogues that have brought so much money in Mumbai and Maharashtra, start with ‘arre bhaiyya…’
  3. It’s not like he doesn’t care for Mumbai. He has done tonnes of charities and fund raising campaigns in Maharashtra that can’t be overlooked.
  4. The act of him becoming brand ambassador for UP is not meant to look down upon the ghati maharashtrians, but these ghatis want to, for some reason, look down upon there countrymen from the north.

The worst part is that at the end of the day a poor bihari cab driver gets beaten up. Sad yaar! If someone has the guts then bring AB on the street and beat him up. Why the poor man yaar, he is just earning a living. Don’t we empathize with our people who go abroad for studies and jobs and get clobbered because of not being natives? Then we are ready to condemn the Americans and the British for being high handed and perhaps racist (it’s a popular word these days eh?). Why can’t we relate ourselves to that predicament and be civil about the rights of an Indian to earn money to live a life anywhere in India.

Every place has its short comings and I know Delhi does too. But as proud as I feel about calling myself a Delhite, I feel as ashamed at times at calling myself Marathi. Seriously, the word marathi seems synonymous to a perpetual loser to me. A lot of maharshtrians though have done India proud, Sachin Tendulkar being one of them. But these Thackrey boys are not getting their injections at the right times. I feel as aggrieved as these guys would be if I were to call Shivaji names. But I won’t, thanks to my interface with north India.

As an interesting discussion in my office ensued about who was the greatest cricketer India had produced, some of the guys were hell bent on giving the accolade to Sachin. But as much as I respect his contribution to Indian cricket I think the Jat from Haryana takes the cake, quite literally by heads and shoulders.

My favorite line is,"...that maharashtrians are physically weaker than their Punjab and UP compatriots so they can never beat them with hands..."...I am really getting a superiority complex now

I guess AB did wrong by supporting a political party which is full of goons( well, every party is!). All his charities( at least in UP) are for the sack of publicizing the party. So, its obvious for Raj to get pissed off with AB, though, still its wrong to be pissed off with all North Indians living there.

aila tendlya!
have never been a huge movie buff and didnt really watch cricket that much when the Jat from Haryana played.. but in the years that I have .. which is from the 92 WC...tendlya has brought more 'joy' than any other contemporary... im not talking about role model/ attitude/ good for society or anything... just joy..

btw was i supposed to make some more thoughtful /political comment :P

Loved the line.."Not to forget the Punjabi connection. :P" And I think Tendulkar is a big match choker who doesnt deserve half the adulation he gets. Kapil Dev rocks, so cannot really argue with it about that.

And agree with all of the posts, but also with what sunny has written. And you seem to have become more Punjabi than Punjabi themselves :P

u marathi...im cmng to dilli to screw u..

very well comprehensively written..... the only thing which I may argue about is that Sachin is "The best" and this will become an axiom may be after ten years or so when he will not be there on the live circuit and only his old deeds will be talked about.

well written post. i read in some places that a lot of the inferiority complex (which the original thackeray exploited) was due the marathis being the working class and the gujjus being the business class.

@sunny - u bloody watch what u are saying. UP main kuch bhi ho sakta hai!

your prejudice against marathi people is a little unfair. you make them sound worse than bengalis! to me, anything marathi seems closer. however very strictly, i could never have imagined getting married to a marathi man.

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