Saturday, June 17, 2006 

Power Play

its been a while since i have posted anything, and i was pleasantly surprised to know thata fw people were actually checking my blog to see if there was something new, i hope they have some good fun reading this.

so as it turns out my first job (i just passed out of college and am working with a KPO) isnt a big deal in terms of the quality of work. that always makes me wonder what is quality work but that question aside for teh moment. my profile requires seaarching online databases and providing company profiles for a client and then analysing how relevant the company profiled is for the client. while all this sounds not to bad, in simpler words my work involves three simple steps, ctrl c ctrl v and hit the search button on a certain search engine known by the name

while the work obviously doesnt end here, it by no means does justice to the Btech and Mtech degrees i have from one of the most reverred institutes in india. not to mention my late splash at my GPA...and why not to mention that i scored 9.5 on 10 in my last semester....worth it eh? but the best part in that was that it gave me no sense of accomplishment or success, therefore success still means to me doing what i do best.

coming back to my work, being a 5 point someone in my college life, it is not expected that i would turn in good performance in my job as well. i never believed it but that is sadly the pereption. infact it was one of the questions aked to me in my interview that do five pointer lack sincerity? i have been working on a project as soon as i joined my company. this project has been goign on for close to six months now, i have given u a brief insight of what my work is. so it is clear to see that its not a tough job, not for now anyhow. for the last week i was adjudged the best performer of the week on the project. great na! now although that doenst mean too much in real terms but it is a gesture made by the company to say that i am not below average and i will take that for the moment. You know thats what cricket is all about these days ,when the field is up you take your chances and make a lot of runs. i am accumulating a lot of runs, and waiting to see what happens when the field spreads out.

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