Sunday, April 29, 2007 

He's Got The Edge

They say all good things come to an end, and this one surely did. An absolute privilege to have been born in this time and to have witnessed one of the most remarkable things to happen to the game of cricket. He gave the game a new meaning, a talent so immaculate yet so diverse, so consistent yet so different, so much movement and yet so steady.

It's always sad when someone has to go, but now we also know that going out can be pleasant. It depends on the talent itself. I don't remember when was the first time I saw you, but I was a fan since day one. Whatever I have to show off in terms of my achievements in this game is in a way because of you, more than anyone else.

The three things that will always stand out for me and I would always like to include in my personality will be consistency, bearing a smile with the bat and that shake of the head.

You will always be a champion.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 

Throwing the kitchen sink

Last Sunday was one hell of a day. Yes it was pretty close to hell. I was playing a match in a corporate tournament where we were playing our last league game although we were out of the tournament already. So as they say we were playing for pride. We were chasing 141 to win and were 125 for 1 in 12 overs. We won by one wicket.

The day was tiring as I bowled four overs in the exacting 40 degrees of
Delhi garmi. To top it I kept wickets for 12 overs and my legs have parted ways since then :P. To follow it was going to play a basketball match at IIT as some alumni function. Luckily that match got cancelled as no one was able to make it. In the evening I rode back to ghaziabad to attend a pre-function to a friends wedding – Shubhankar.

Shubahnkar and I have really known each other for only two years i.e. class 11 and 12. But it still feels like we know everything about each other. We have been in touch with each other for the last 6-7 years since leaving school. He is probably the only person with whom I have discussed love life seriously. He was my best friend is school and our friendship has gone from strength to strength. The last strength being me buying his old pulsar.

It’s hard to believe that someone you went to school with is getting married already. He is a year older than me, but I have always felt that he is much older than me in terms of maturity. We secretly admire each other, well me more than him because he makes no secret of any of his feelings. But I have always felt that he is someone I can look up to. He could never do too well with studies and was always awed by me since I was the IITian. The truth is that we are still very close in terms of where we are in life and it makes me really happy.

As he gets ready to step in to a very new world I feel a sense of rightfulness in his decision to get married so early. He looks every bit ready to take this step. No pressure, no nerves just pure happiness and contentment. I wish him and his would be wife, who by the way is really lucky to have someone like him, a lifetime of happiness.

I will never forget what shubhankar once told me when he came back after scoring 14 runs in 5 balls. He said ‘jo maza aankhein band karke shot maarne me hai wo aankhein kholke kahan’. I know I am cricket crazy but I know he is not and I hope he doesn’t apply such fundas to his life.


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