Friday, July 31, 2009 

Dot ball

I was thinking of a reason why I have been a little quiet on this forum for a while, and well the obvious reason came to mind is that there is not much cricket India is playing these days. That said, England is doing a good job of performing the last rituals of Australia's dominance in world cricket. I think the more you rise the more you fall. But Australia's fall is not so much a fall from grace, because their was very little about their team that would qualify graceful. Anyways they have played good cricket in the past and slowly they'll have to come to terms with being just another team.

I thought a little bit if that is in anyway an analogy for me to drive. But right now things are quite the opposite, well in some spheres atleast. Academics at IIM L are no big shit frankly. I can atleast speak for the batch I am a part of, wont comment on previous years. But I think if you are decently aware and can handle sleep in class, you'll be alright. Of course top scoring in class is a different league, it hardly coincides with intelligence and potential. But all the hull-boo about L being Hell is not true at least with respect to academics. But people are afraid of acknowledging that, because most people are bred on the funda that studies are a pain in the ass and exams are bed of thorns. I quite frankly enjoy the exam time, its just like a holiday with a 2 hour engagement.

Other than that every IIM gives you opportunity to explore extra curricular activities which is a good platform for everyone. Having stayed here for over a month, I can tell you that the feeling fo being involved is very satisfying. But all that is upto your choice, so everyone can manage it according to what one can take. I would say all in all its not as Hellistic as people have over the years made it sound.

For me, I am taking things as they come, which means not preparing for exams in advance :). At this juncture of the economy and my career its best to have no expectations and do things I really want to do.


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