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Monday, May 08, 2006 

The Declaration!

I am 22 years old i am student in my fifth year in IIT Delhi, and if you have read any of my previous posts you would know that i am a cricket fan. i have been lucky to have been in IIT as i could play all the cricket i could have asked to play in college life. and moreover i also had the honor to lead the institute team this year. it is not a recognised level of cricket that we play but i have cherished every moment of it. the only thing i feel i missed was to play the longer version of the game rather than limited overs cricket.

The point is that i am stuck in my last month at IIT, i had virtually no courses this semester, and a project, whuch i as doing atleast to the minimum satisfacion of my guide. but as this semester draws to a close, it feels like a test match is over, spanning over five years, with each year the wicket playing some mew surprises and where the early part of each year was a bowling paradise, but as the year rolled on it became easier for the batsmen. and as it stands to end i have no doubt in my mind that its a drawn match. no result has been achieved from this outing of mine. the result was to be a career path of my choice and interest, but that sadly hasnt been achieved with 5 years in IIT. I would not be the one though to blame the curator for making a lifeless pitch and for the fate of the match. i take this result to be manueverd by myself so as to have maximum fun at this place, and i did achieve that. but it does go down as a failure because in life there is no draw, you have to win or lose, eventually its a do or die and my forte awaits me somewhere as i get ready to embark upon that journey. this is just a temporary break, i have to still win another test match and maybe many more to come. i do envy the people who won in this match, as in those who achieved what was best for them, but i still dont know where i am headed.

Sitting in this place wondering about the future gives me a stinking feeling of emptiness, i feel like getting on with the new life that i have ahead of me rather than aching my nervous muscles over thinking it out. as per ICC's new rules also, a 'dead' match can be called concluded after 75 overs on the final day, or 1 hour before the close of play on the final day. i feel like such a facility should be available to me with my 'dead' degree as well. as i sit in my room everyday, doing nothing, i just feel like somebody would wave to me fromt he dressing room and say..."come on boys, thats enough" and declare this innings of mine.

Lovely post! I think in a perfect life there should be no winning or losing; these are just worldly happenings defined by people around us, and at the end of the day it doesn't even matter what the result was? As happens in cricket, someone who is a true connoisseur of the game, sees the quality of the game irrespective of the result;the always-hyper-always-excited-fans worry about the result, not the lover of the game.

mast post yaar! looks like everyone is going senti nowadays. i guess match draw ho yaa nahi ... man of the match to hota hi hai. and the players get paid for playing too. i guess teri degree wahi hai :P

I guess this is your best post so far....absolutely superb analogy...the curators and the pitch and the drawn match....I read your post thrice in one go ... fascinating
"...early part of each year was a bowling paradise, .... it became easier for the batsmen".. so u r the bowler rite :)
I think "the thing" was bang on target when he said abt the man of the match...Remember, most of the time its the journey that matters not the destination itself...
"as i sit in my room everyday, doing nothing, i just feel like somebody would wave to me fromt he dressing room and say..."come on boys, thats enough" and declare this innings of mine"......boy I never knew u could write like this....Wonderful!!

sorry for the wait...well thanks a lot for appreciating. i guess its a draw since there was no result in the match. man of the match...ummmm yeah maybe, i mean the no result doesnt mean that i dint make runs and take wickets,
and samy i never thot u would say things like dont think of the result and its the quality that matters, i beg to differ on that. i play the game to win, the fact that you give it your best is just a consolation

Well, there is a cotradicition there: If you win, you realise that the result didnt matter. If you lose, you think about what would have happened had you won. So, I think a draw aint too bad. Its a win-lose situation. As for the man of the match, I guess this time around this will go to a girl. Watsay?
Winning is always good, but losing after giving your best not too bad either. Think about it.

well i am pretty sure that the man of the match is not a girl...it might not even be me, but the fact that i cant conclude after these five yrs what i want to do. i believ u shud play t win thats the only way you can win. thats the only way you can improve tyourself...doing well and not winning will always be a consolation for me.

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