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Thursday, September 20, 2007 

Hit and Giggles

While there are times when achieving something is very difficult, there are times when it becomes ridiculously simple. Or so you believe at first. However, there is always an apprehension to comprehend the simplicity of the process of achieving something.

I recently got a chance to go abroad (Chile) to work at an international office location for my company. Everything about the opportunity seemed perfect. The responsibility would have required me to coach and groom a team of analysts (around 4 to 5). I would have had to handle projects from end to end with entire responsibility falling on my shoulders. And most of all, the international experience tag would have put four moons on my resume. All I had to do was say yes!

Well, I did say yes, but every time and to every person I said yes with a disclaimer that ‘it won’t break my heart if I don’t get this opportunity’. The point I am trying to make is that when I get something served on a platter such as this, I try to shield myself from losing even the given by telling myself that I can live without it. That is not something ambition breeds on. That is not what you call proactive approach towards success be it in any field. You have to put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable to be able to achieve it. I will always remember these words of Sunil Gavaskar – “when you are making your debut you will be nervous and it’s a good sign. It means that you care”.

Of course the opportunity did go down the drain, perhaps not because of my fault. But if I would have been more eager or at least showed the eagerness to the powers that be, I would not have let other problems come in my way. So while even though I cared, I was probably too proud to admit it. Or too weak to accept it and then be let down because of some other issues not in my control.

I think Ricky Ponting had the taste of this feeling recently. Australia came to the World T20 Championship as the world champions. But they were not sure if they would be world champions here as well. So they simply downplayed the whole idea of the tournament. It was great fun watching them go down to Zimbabwe. Ponting has quickly realised that either he needs to take the game seriously or give up totally. The plan of hanging in there pretending nothing is at stake seldom works.

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But when you r making a debut u will never want people out there to make out ur nervousness from your approach... and thats what u did ... anyways it always next time out there

nishant - i think to an extent you are right. but there is something called being comfortable with your nervousness, if your hands are shivering and feet not responding then its really bad...but if you have the butterflies in the stomach and your heart is beating faster, but you still keep a cool head, thats what can take you places...ofcourse again thats just my idea of the concept

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