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Wednesday, May 23, 2007 


Today, I completed one year at Evalueserve. It will be rude to suggest that that’s all there is to this milestone. So let me just rewind and look back at ‘the year that was’.

On my first Friday in office, I had an interview with a client which I had to pass in order to work on that project. Apart from being not selected for the project I ended up disclosing the name of another client to this client. A lesson that could easily have been learnt during orientation, but things come to me the harder way.

I was a month old in office when I was awarded a flattering but not so credible ‘performer of the week’ award for my project. The team comprised 10 people so I felt like I was really turning the heat on.

Two months down I worked for the first time on energy related project. I made a PPT which would best be described as a disaster. But I was still learning and I am not ashamed of that, no matter what was going through my project manager’s mind when he was formatting it.

Approximately four months in to the job came the scariest phase, one that I want to forget but can’t. It was an officially shitty project and I was scared while I was in office about the fact that I have to do all the phone calls. Its best that nothing more be said about that part.

In December I had the first real conflict with someone. Well actually my project manager had some problem with my work and ‘attitude’ which till date I believe was called for. I accepted the short coming on my part without any retaliation because I knew my PM was right. The best thing was that my PM for forthright about pointing my mistake, something that I learnt from him.

For the last six months I have been working on energy projects and things have been relatively smooth, I like the work I am interested in learning more about the industry and there seems to be a sign board that says – ‘drive safely career road ahead’.

Of course one of the best times will have to be the off-site corporate retreat to hrishikesh. An experience for a lifetime and I am grateful to the people who organised the event.

Finally, to cap it all, the cricket. Not an enriching experience by any stretch of the imagination, both in terms of the game on field and the team spirit on and off it. But at the end of the day it was cricket. There can not be many posts that I can write about the matches I played for Evalueserve. Still the opportunity that I got to play has to be credited to some people in the organisation.

It has to be said that at the end of it all I do feel as if I have matured one year. There is a little more clarity in thought and perspective. Looking forward to another six months at this place at least.

Congratulations!!! :D

good going man ! and now u r our Oil and gas sector stud :D

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