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Wednesday, March 07, 2007 

Dressing Room

Last Tuesday was one of my many visits to IIT, since I passed out of it. The financial year is coming to a close and I had a couple of sick leaves in the balance, so I decided to put it to good use. I woke up at 11.30 that morning, went back to my bed at 12.30pm and got out of it again at 1.45. Good start eh? Then I suddenly remembered of some unfinished business at IIT and decided to get going.

My hostel basketball team had a match with Kumaon. This had the makings of a great game and it was perfect timing as I would be able to watch it. I went to my hostel much earlier than the match though. Found some of my juniors, some entangled in the ins and outs of living through the motions of a never ending final semester, while some others having a lot of fun with after dark activity of the campus we like to call “POLT”. It’s a really funny word.

I had a great time talking about old things and new, learning how even to this day Mess secy’s are keeping the torch of sucking off the M.Techs alive. Not to mention the great darkhorses of their times the BSW reps slowly sneaking in to the ‘top jobs’ on the campus. We discussed everything from girls to tv serials to naukris to latest tryst with bhang and grass some people had had on holi. I never even realized that I had passed of two and half hours.

Then it was time for the match, the basketball court superbly lit with white light is really an amazing place to be. It really sets up the energy level required for a basketball match. I have been part of a successful basket team and when I say that I am careful of not saying that I was successful. Only the team was successful and that was how much I frankly cared.

We played well after a vintage initial hiccup. We won convincingly and deservedly to a fighting Kumaon team. In many ways it was nice to there. This was the last time a hard working and talented Rajat Agarwal represented the hostel. After the match the team had a few things to discuss and took off for the hostel. I however, had to get back to gurgaon. I wanted to be with the team, to savor the moment of victory. Nothing can beat the enjoyment of a post match conversation for a match that you win. Ram’s fruit shop and surd shop were ideal places to do that. Nothing really succeeds like success.

In the last ten months my relationship with IIT has been very close. I have seen quite a few competitive events. I get the feeling as I am still part of the hostel just that I am not allowed to participate in any of the activities, maybe due to some disciplinary action for drinking alcohol in the hostel. Which is ironic because I hate alcohol J.

boy! u've sure had a very 'gradual' transition ( which is still going on i suppose) from hostel to corporate life.. 4yrs, then dullapa then this.. lucky u :)

i agree with atish...lucky you!...but how the hell could you misspell the biggest word...'poltu'

it is not a misspelling...the real juice is in the word 'POLT' i mean this is really funny ;)

nice blog....but just hoping u r not leaking info about the candidate....as your juniors might have reserved it fr a later time

anonymous - wow...thats a compliment. i guess if you would have read a previous blog i mentioned how i believe that the torch has to be passed to the men in charge. sorry mate i have no idea about candidtures.

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