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Monday, February 05, 2007 

Home Ground

Driving is one of the perfect getaways for me. Especially if the drive is on lonely roads albeit at 6am in the morning. So I grabbed this opportunity recently to drive my parents to my native place, Jhansi in UP. We left at 6 in the morning a wonderful time for driving and with the lovely roads of Delhi and the well built Agra highway it was a great experience. We made it to Jhansi at 2pm in the afternoon and it was very fulfilling to have driven all the way to my birth place.

Jhansi as most would know is a small town/city in UP mainly famous for the Rani of Jhansi. However, some of the little known facts about Jhansi are that it is the native place of Major Dhyaan Chand and that it has the third longest railway platform in India.

Jhansi has been a place meant only for fun to me. I can’t even remember the number of trips I have made their and its been so enjoyable each and every time. The small roads with pot holes, the pigs lying in the nail outside and ofcourse the ‘pahad’ where me and my cousins have made numerous adventure visits when we were young.

Its always nice to go to a place that you can relate to so much. I once went to a barber in Jhansi for the first time. He was an old man who looked at me and said “tum to Vishwas (my father) ke ladke ho”. You feel as if you are back home, and this feeling is enhanced by the long impending development of the area. For the last 23 years I haven’t seen 23 changes in Jhansi that I could register. And that is what makes the place so special. It never changes. It almost a fairy land where I always find family people who have conjured lots of jokes and stories to tell since the last time we met. Endless number of stories and laugh riots that can give you a sour throat.
Its funny though how sometimes getting back to home can become a getaway. Whenever I am in jhansi there is a sense of calm within. And the worst part is when we have to keep our pakced bags in the auto to leave for the station. I guess at the end of the day its aways good to be home. As I was taking a walk with my uncle in my very own streets of sipri bazaar it felt as if I were walking in dilshad garden, my home in delhi. My uncle stopped at a shop to ask for something. Just close by in another shop, a man wearing a typical muslim topi was having his lunch. He looked at me standing in a corner, and as I looked at him he asked me ‘aur kya haal hain?’ I replied in a dim voice “bas badhiya hai sab”. It really felt like I was home.

wonderful... really... i like such nostalgia notes... and u seem to do justice to them always :)

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