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Friday, September 15, 2006 

The Middle of the bat

Its been a long time since my birthday, but my parents insisted that i buy a birthday gift. So while hanging out in a near by mall i bought it. Now for those who know me this is a surprising gift. For those who dont, i am not too much into reading books. Yes thats right, i bought not one but two books as my gift. What might seem a little less surprising though is the subject of these books - Cricket.

John Wright's account of his tenure with the Indian team starts with his experience as coach before that. Wright has never been an inspirational figure, which is becuase of his silent attitude, but i rate his contribution nothing less than saurav ganguly's. That is probably apparent from the fact that i felt it was worth spending 450/- on his controversial story 'Indian summers'. His experiences after retiring from test cricket were pretty terrible, and how they inspired him to go back to the game he loves makes we wonder sometimes if i can still go down that road. I havent completed the book as yet, and not started with the other one which is a biography of the greatest indian player ever...Rahul Dravid..

As these thoughts start occupying my mind, there came a moment when i started actually contemplating it. After all my aim is to do something i like, isnt it for everyone? But the sheer impracticalability of the situation gets big on me. Although it is a lost cause, i am still hanging in there, trying to find out the perfect match for my capabilities.

There comes a time in every batsman's innings when he has had enough time to gauge the condition and start making runs. But if he still doesnt do that it makes him edgy and sends the wrong signal in the dressing room. I hope i am not crossing that time before i start to find the middle of the bat.

Its takes time to set your eye and start start finding the middle of the bat ... I believe taking time to reach that stage; however little; is unavoidable .... For me, I could never do that with actual bat, hope to do that with life .... (balaji)

(Why don't you allow non-blogger entry?)

Well since life is not a team game you can expect not be batting at no.11 all the time. so you will get it in the middle sometime.
as regards your batting, with no offense you bala, that litlle partnership of ours against kanpur in bombay is one of my most memorable cricket stories.

Start reading dude... there's nothing like it in life...I read 1 chapter from wright's book in a bookstore a couple of weeks ago and it seemed straight from the heart.. ( the chapter btw was about the eden gardens test match b/w ind and australia... to me the greatest match that i have seen )

and once again , nice analogy :)

the calcutta test match is probably the best any indian would have seen...the book really is well written and straight from the heart.

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