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Sunday, August 13, 2006 

Get Your Eye In

It's now been almost three month for me in service. Somebody who has been reading my blogs regularly (which by the way is a list of very distinguished people) might get a feeling that i have been counting days...hehe no no its not so bad. Corporate exposure has been good, not blinding and not misleading either. One of the reasons for that maybe the kind of company i am in but its been good. Contrary to the image i had had about proffesional life my experience has been good to make a preliminary assesment.

In fact my experience has been pretty good, i have started to come to terms with what i am doing ( i would safely avoid the term 'i like my work' at this stage). What more i have started to develop a liking towards the domain in which i am working. My usual staus of so far so good holds true still. But now i feel that the stage has come when i can make up my mind about a permenant career. I will call this stage as my first trial and error maybe. I think deciding upon a permanent career can only be the product of a well thought out hit and trial strategy. I have decided upon embarking on my first trial so to speak. I would not make this a huge issue, as i would not prefer all that falling apart and then repenting having spent so much time on it.

Being an engineer there is an inherent temptation to do an MBA and write CAT, but i have overcome that alluring temptation for the moment and dont plan to take CAT for sometime, ofcourse one of the reasons for coming to this decision is my modest ability with DI and English when it comes to CAT. But then again what purpose does it serve to do something you are not good at, when there are opportunities (for once) to do things you do like.

They say as you work your way through the first hour of play, the pitch eases out and you get 'in'. I guess even in life it's about battling through the initial tough time and getting a hang of the conditions. There are lots of runs to be had on this pitch of life once you get your eye in. Ofcourse one needs to play all his shots along the ground initially and leave anything that is outside the "off-stump". Once you do that they start bowling at you and it becomes easy to work it around for runs.

Your choice titles and the cricketing analogies continue to fascinate me....
Hoping for a long innings from you...

appreciation can do wonders for everyone...thanks a lot, i hope my innings is long too...hopefully there is more crowd to watch the mtches hehe :D

i am amazed. absolutely love your blogs.
indeed hoping for a long innings. (thats all the cricketty metaphor i can manage. and that too is a copy)

miss. sibling

for a bowler... you write as if you are a batsman... i enjoy reading the cricketing analogies.... man... you love the game so much..... there were days when I was so passionate.. but i grew out of it and found other things.... but good for u.....

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