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Monday, July 24, 2006 

Yes, No, Wait!!!

As it sometimes turns out I am compelled through circumstances to do something that I don’t like, there can be numerous examples for that, chemical engg. being one, but not many would be able to relate to those examples. I have been working with my company for over 2 months now ( a quick calculation tells me today is my 2 month anniversary!) I was relatively happy to begin with but now things are starting to get a bit uneasy.

Telecommunications is a vast field, not one that interests me. But the humungous connectivity that it gives today worldwide is overwhelming, we don’t realize it though. Like the old man says on TV “kya time hai zindagi jeene ka”. I on the other hand don’t like the telephone too much. In fact it would not be wrong to say that I sometimes dislike it. What is funny is that all the important people in my life can be accessed through telephone only. All my family members live in different places and we meet mostly on weekends.

As if that wasn’t enough my company expects me to make phone calls to different parts of the world to do our business. Now had it been a normal call center I would have been ok with it, but I am sure it is not. Still much of our business is done through phone calls and I am weary of it. It also reminds me sometimes of the misery of the credit card boys outside our building always trying to catch a customer and we very sophisticatedly shun them off. Let me divulge a corporate secret, when people say they will divert you to someone who will be in a better position to help you means they are saying don’t call back ever again L bloody hell!

The even funnier part is that in cricket its totally different. I am really good at calling. Of course people who know me off the field wont accept this but I am a good runner between wickets…( hehe blogging should be called bragging from now on). But honestly I believe I am good runner and for that you need good calling. I think at the end of the day it’s about doing what you like and not liking what you do. So while my job is starting to poke me a little. I am staying putt for the moment till I know what I would like to do.

how long will u wait b4 u write the next post....plzzz write soon

kya yaar not enuf ppl reading my blogs ...:(

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