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Sunday, July 09, 2006 

Rest Day

In this corporate age jobs are of three types, there are ones where time is non existent and you always have your backs to the wall. Then there are jobs where you have loads of time, quite like a government job in an Indian context. And there is Evalueserve, which really asks you to work but the onus is never on you. Now that the company is growing there is work for everybody, but no one is pressed for time. It’s a warm working environment something no one can complain about.
But five days a week can be a little hard at times and you can always take a break isn’t it? What I am talking about is only my second leave in just under two months of this job. I woke up one fine morning looking all sleepy from the late night football match, which by the way I never intended to watch as my favorite team is out already. England that is! Yep I am Beckham fan and an ex Man U fan. Anyhow so I woke up with the pain of getting ready for office facing me, which by the way I relish :D. And there comes the knock out punch my roommate calls a leave…”yaar chhutti maarte hain aaj”. It reminded me then that I have some pending work in my college IIT Delhi. So it was decided then and there that the household chores and my work would be completed in this leave. So we got ready and left for IIT. Did my little bit there, basically collecting my transcripts and provisional degree, which says a funny thing “master of technology” .
And then comes the best part of the day, I played cricket at the nets. It’s the best part of any day actually. Having a ball in my hand gives me goose bumps hehe. And while all this is pretty normal for me, I actually bowled a bouncer to a 6 feet and something guy. It was a beauty. Cricket can always put me in a good mood. Infact it can make me recover from a bad mood. Actually that’s what any sport does I believe. It teaches you to fight the tough time and look for an opportunity to break through. I remember my favorite line to say while on the field was ‘ common yaar ek wicket ki baat hai’ . that’s what sports bring to the character of a person. Having played cricket that day made me believe that there is still some cricket left in me (this by the way sounds like a typical retiring cricketer :P). The rest day had been put to perfect use. You might have heard of six day test matches in the earlier times. They were existent even till the early 90’s the only difference was that one of those 6 days would be called a rest day and there would be no play that day. Its funny how life changes phase, from playing cricket 24x7 I am now down to looking for a rest day to play cricket. That’s how it goes I guess….

interesting categorising of jobs... and "master of technology"... yeah that's a good candidate for joke of year award.. for me also :)

i think "you deserved an A" is hands down the joke of the year :P

you rekindled the dying fire of cricket within me .. .. Now I really feel like getting back to the field and bowl a couple of beamers to start with .. ;) ...

and please allow non bloggers to leave a comment ..

hey balaji...yaar forgive me for not knowing the nuances of blogging, i dont know how to allow non bloggers to comment i wud love to see comments from people belive me

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