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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 

The Good length

i have been one person who has always tried to keep my distance from strangers, more so girls. but it basically with everyone. i generally feel very wierd to meet someone i know but not as much as to say, "kya chal raha hai be". i am in fact comfortable talkin to strangers because there you know that you can just be extra nice and they wont judge you at all. but somehow with people you know you are always scared as to how they would react to almost each and every gesture of yours. i would call myself largely introvert as i take time to become informal with someone, but once i am past that stage i am a pain to stay with at times. i can say that i go to extreme extents so as to entertain ppl with my jokes, albeit at the expense of some of my friends feelings. it is supposed to be all in good humor though.

but in life it is generally very difficult to pick your distances from people, sometimes being shy or cautous about opening up to someone can be seen as a snobish attitude, while at times being too friendly can be percieved as bad as flirting. (well this is to say that i dont like the idea of flirting), that is probably why i have kept my distance from most girls i have come across in my school and college. i guess its a kind of defense mechanism where i tend not to take a risk of getting into a converstaion with a female to prevent any ideas that the girl might have that i am interested in her or something. but as i said earlier it happens with guys too. i am very bad with the 'Hi' smile, where you just pass by someone you know and say hi and just give him a nod. i get confused as to whether i should keep looking at him or her till they look atnme and then i say hi, or i try to make it subtle and see if we coincidently look at each other together so that it becomes easy to say hi. or better still i tell myself to shut this non sense look at the beautiful road around your feet and let the other person pass. i also do the reading my sms thing when i am trying to avoid eye contacts. but as i said, sometimes this attitude can be seen as snooty and arrogant, and that is not really what i want ppl to think of me, me being such a polite and humble person :P.

as happens often you just got to find the right length to bowl to any batsman to keep him quiet, you pitch it up and he will drive you, you bang it in short and he will go back and pull you. ofcousre to know someone reaaly well you have to get them out if it were. and to get them out you just have to pitch it up and hope that it swings, so just make sure that you the ball is moving and go for it. if there is no hope of getting any swing on the other hand, just bowl that good length and stop the runs and wait for the batsmen to make a mistake, thats the best you can do.

The 'Hi' thing when u pass by someone was absolutely hilarious...especially the looking at ur feet and the sms thing...
Btw love ur titles... all of them

hey thanks! yaar that really happens to me the road and sms, abe but i am scared now that if ppl read my blog they'll know hehe :P

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