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Monday, May 29, 2006 

Alright Gentlemen, Play...............!

And as always i started with a full toss. my first week at office was a mixed one. I was pretty excited and actually waiting for this day becuase i know that this is what i am going to do for the rest of my life, i mean a job. i believe i am cut for it and i am good at it. i cant handle the tension of money and thats why i can never venture into business.

but for the moment the focus is on my first job at Evalueserve a Knowledge Process Outsourcing company, confused by many for a BPO, but it doesnt hurt at all becuase when i got into IIT there were remarks by people that i shud have better taken admission to an 'ITI' close home :P. anyways my job then, the office is lovely, its a nice place to work with lots of people around and surprisingly very small noise. not that everyone is upto there work all the time, but there is something that gives it a very officie touch. there is a dress code for everyone which i thi nk is necessary to an extent becuase otherwise people wear just about anything to office.

the office feels like school to me actually, with sooo many women and actually women in your team to whom you have to talk to, everyone has been really nice and one of the things that makes me feel its like school is that i can work with and talk to girls in a very normal way without the pre concieved notions of hitting on or anything. but apart from this the work culture is such, a lot of people take office cabs to work, they bring their food from home, hehe and eat it before lunch hours :P, but all in all it is a great experience.

coming to the kind of work, well to say the least its abysmal, and actually gives me some sense of discomfort doing such a low IQ job, although i am made to believe that the project i am currently working on is the most boring of them all and things will get better, but till then the work is not good all the same. but for starters i am happy that i dont have a too hard an assigment and i can easily get the feel of things to come. but my first work or as they call it 'deliverable' was very poor, my colleague had to tell me evrything once again to make me understand that this is no under grad report that i can use cut paste, although the work is essentially the same but we have to use hands and the keyboard and try to write most things from our selves. i was pretty embarresed for having done this, while my colleague was very understanding of the fact that its my first time.

the week ended not very well with my scooter breaking down onmy way to work, and even through the day things were'nt quite coming off as i would have liked, but still this is just the first over of the first spell, there is plenty drama left in the game. All one needs to tell himself at this stage is....sabaas sabaaas boys! chalo sabaas!

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