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Monday, October 02, 2006 

The Death of ‘English’ Cricket
A usual day at the office today means fear, more fear and some more fear. From some of my earlier posts it is clear that I don’t like using the telephone a lot. Most of my work these days involves calling people in different parts of the world. So in the day we have to call Indian contacts which are few, as the afternoon spills in European contacts are brought in to play. And then comes the evening, calling America and we have our work cut out. All in all my day at work has been hell for the past couple of weeks.

The major getaway I have from this problem is my cricket. These days I have been reading john wrights book and its really a great book for a cricket fan. It has rekindled in me the passion to play cricket. I look forward to finishing my day at the office going back home to my book and some cricket that I can get on TV.

Then there seemed to be another channel that of playing for my office team, a bunch of regular corporate guys spending a day in field. To begin with I thought that everyone gets only this chance at one-off weekends to play cricket and so it made good sense if everyone got a chance to get their hands on the bat or ball. I obviously took to bowling. Having said that I did score a few runs with the bat as well. But it seemed to get better. Our company plays corporate tournament which are not as good as the tournaments I have been playing in IIT. But they are ok and competitive. I put my hand up for the tournament and got selected, or at least I had that impression.

When you talk of a team game its important that you respect each others game and complement the others performance by an equable effort. This is something that was for all my money missing in the team. Team selection would be a tricky thing I knew, Evalueserve is 1200 strong company and its difficult to find a playing 11. That being said when you have an 11 in place they should at least be put to optimum use if winning is important as was being portrayed. I wish this team all the best for whatever they have to encounter in future, but playing cricket with these people defeats the sole purpose of my cricket, winning and winning happily and doing the things they are supposed to be done. I am proud today that I was once the captain of the IIT Delhi team with a bunch of highly motivated individuals I am proud I could add something to their cricket. My company has no scope for that and I must say that I quit.

Deeply lamented by nobody else but myself, the ashes to be taken to my room.
- Ofcourse history books will tell you that ASHES is just the beginning of modern cricket

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