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Sunday, December 24, 2006 

Off the Field

This is my first and in all probability last blog from Goa. The place is heaven, i mean you should come here only after you die. It's the most cosmetic and superficial way of life I'll ever see. Party's, beaches, babes and alcohol can never be sustainable pleasure. Thats why just a get away is probably good. For two reasons, one that you get to do something that you always think of in the office i.e a break and secondly you realise, as I did, that this is something that will never give memories for life. It is just living in the moment.

This blog will be my smallest, I am writing it from a cyber cafe so thats obvious, but my wishes for a merry christmas to all those who venture to read my posts. and I hope everyone will have a great beginning to the new year like me :D.

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