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Tuesday, February 20, 2007 


As days go by, there is a feeling which props up every now and then. At around 1 in the night there is a sudden sense of doing something constructive, which may include a warm chat with college mates but only as one of many things. I don’t feel like going to sleep as yet, but the other thing is that I don’t want to wake up late the next morning either. As is the case with many of us we sleep late and get up at as well.

The office can be really trying and tiring at times. So much so that you feel the same tension going to office as you did going to school when you were 5. It just doesn’t settle in for a fact that this is my livelihood and I have to accept it, and strive to keep getting better by the day. Most days we end up leaving office with a sense of relief. This relief is however short lived.

As I move from my office to my flat in gurgaon, these thoughts start encroaching upon me as what I am going to do at home. The first answer is obviously make a nice cup of tea and light up the proverbial ‘sutta’. What next? Watch tv? Well I have to wait till 12.30 for friends as there is not much interesting stuff on tv either. What next? Make something to eat – aha! Here I have got options. Is it going to be magi today or should we go for half fried eggs and bread jam? What next? Well not much except for a little bit of coding.

Spending time in the office is as suffocating as it is relieving. A get away from thoughts about planning the next two hours of the day. Being in the office still gives you the feeling of involvement. Involvement with the rest of the world. It has to be said that we don’t say this often enough that going to office is fun and interesting. It keeps you on your toes alright, or your backsides in my case. Not to mention the tremendous opportunities it provides for us to learn and know about different things albeit only to be learnt and not used. I believe credit should be given where it is due.

Talking about giving due credit I would like to express my thoughts about a man who needs due credit. Saurav Ganguly has never been one of my favorite cricketers. Probably because he was a bit of a prodigy and not as hard working. He has made two comebacks in to the Indian team in his career. Both these comebacks were steered more by the people he knew or the image he had than what he did on the field. But both the times he made it pretty clear that his inclusion in the side is not unworthy. He did that by making a hundred on debut at lords the first time and everyone knows he has been Mr. consistent for India of late. Dada deserves the praise he is getting and I hope he continues to play this well for India for a long time. As much I am happy that he is back, I am glad that he was sent out in the first place.

So as it unfolds its 4am in the morning and I should go to sleep. Have a nice day!

Regarding saurabh, I agree, he deserve to be praised. Regarding office, I disagree, unlike yours, mine suck! I am frustated with the bug fixings!

dada rocks man ...if not for his silken drives then for his fk u in the face attitude :)

and office... ya its boring and relaxing and boring and fun and interesting and boring...
u get what i mean dont u :)

sunny - yaar the point is not wht u do in the office, but wht u have outside it to do
D - dada rocks more for his fk u in the face atty...silken drives err...maybe sometimes :P. yeah i get wht u mean, probably the best way to put it ;)

where's the header image dude... i thot u were the coders .. do it man fast ....

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