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Saturday, March 03, 2007 

We wanted to win the cup without dropping a game

- Glenn McGrath on the 2003 World Cup

Last two weeks at office have been rather hectic. Hectic to the extent that I have fallen sick. My body has been giving me signs of weakness which has slowly translated in to poor focus at work. It might be a little early to comment on this but I believe that if you work hard day in and day out, you get a handicap. A handicap of not being able to focus on trivial issues and having the ability to only work under a stressed format. I experienced that for a couple of days and quickly shifted gears to get my focus back on the steady pace.

However my health couldn’t quite shift gears. The problem was compounded by three late night outings this weekend and eating grapes on Saturday. I also played a lot of cricket on Saturday where I scored a lot of runs and in the process tired my muscles further. Sunday night was the worst as I had to go to bed early as I had caught fever by then.

Monday mornings are never pleasant are they? Mine wasn’t any different, as I spitted out large amounts of cough that I had accrued over the weekend and that gave me a sour throat. I am very sensitive about my throat and I can never have a good day if my throat is aching. So I decided that I will not smoke today. Whoopy it worked!

Couple of years back sometime in May 2005 I had quit smoking for the first time. Very suddenly and abruptly with no aids or anything. I just woke up one morning felt pain in my throat and decided not to smoke for a while. A year and seven months later I had my first drag after a break.

I believe it is always easy to achieve something as compared to maintaining it. Take for example Australia, they don’t just pride themselves on winning a world cup but the fact that they defended it is what is valued more. An achievement made against the odds is easier as against an achievement made being in the middle of attention with all eyes on you. Not to mention your own expectations weighing you down. So I guess what I want to say is that I am having a crack at defending the title, or maybe not, but I definitely feel that the defense of the title is much more difficult.

P.S. Its just past the 50 hours mark since I last smoked….already a standing ovation I believe J

you a@#s!! dont smoke na!

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