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Sunday, March 16, 2008 

Change of Pace

It’s out there, it’s inevitable and it’s about to hit the world. Well maybe not as dramatic as changing the world. But it is surely going to impact a lot. Its change! A new order is setting in, and if not so much a setting up of a new order, the old order is surely on its way out. In an obvious sense I am referring to the downfall of Australia’s supremacy in cricket, but a lot more as well.

I generally put an effort not sound like the ‘see I told you so’ types. But it is very apparent. A fabulous win by the Indian team down under. And while the Aussies whine for lots of other stuff, for once they can not blame it on the absence of MCGrath, Warne, Lee, Hayden or Ponting etc. India, with probably not the best 11 on paper, beat the best Australian side available. By no means should the Australians accept that they are no longer the champions of the game, they will not either. But that will only make the forthcoming wins against them more worthy and will give the world more chances to rub the salt into their wounds.

As I was saying, the change was in the offing. There were many factors indicating towards the change. All it needed was one honest and hard effort to bring it off. And the Indian team did it with great aplomb. But there have been other changes, that were more or less due. The refreshing 117 by Sachin, is perhaps his best if analysed in great detail. I haven’t seen him finish a game with such control, ever. His batting was a masterclass as it used to be in the late 90s and early this decade. But at no point he looked like throwing it away, or someone taking it away from him. Sachin is finally discovering one area of batting that he didn’t quite conquer. This is a welcome change, and if Sachin can continue to do this before he signs off, he will surely be among my favourite cricketers ever.

The other big change, for me personally, is a big one and pretty much long due. I have finally switched to a new place. The previous place, where I spent almost a year and a half, had 10 hours of power a day and was becoming unbearable. The new place is a lot bigger, cleaner and good looking. And not to mention it gives me an additional flat mate, someone I have known for 6-7 years now. Which is both comforting and scary at the same time. The place is good and if we can maintain it well, it will be a nice place to spend time. The frustration that had set in my mind due to the constant black out at the previous place was making me an impatient and restless person, which I have tried to unbecome for a long time and don’t want to go back to those days again. I like the peace within me and it makes others like me.

Better go to sleep now, lots of work tomorrow...


Power backup.!!!! Rocking yar!

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