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Saturday, June 21, 2008 

What a Six!

Saj rahi gali meri maa...chunari gote me....

Humour is one concept that holds a lot of importance in my life. I am fond of comedy movies more so than anything else, and not just the usual andaz apna apna, chupke chupke and golmaal stuff. I try to create humour in disasters such as deewane hue paagal, gunda etc. and actually end up enjoying them. And what transpires I think is the desire to repeat such jokes to make others laugh, often at the expense of an individual. I try to enact the funny emotions, dialogues and scenes which are more often then not at the edge of my tongue. But playing cricket all these years has been very different in this way. My attitude towards playing cricket has perhaps been a little two serious than my normal disposition. Yet maybe it was necessary. Whatever be the case I was always a serious fellow on field, never easily amused by anything. Of course the quint essential 'sound of timber' made me happy and all smiles, but the rest of it was very serious. I was not much of a batsman anyhow, but whatever little I did with the bat was the head down, rotate the strike type serious stuff, never entertaining like hitting a six.

Then again a six had a very different connotation when I was in college. A six or a chhakka was precisely meant to mean what it means. Me and five other of my friends (thats six of us) usually adressed each other as a six or a chhakka. But slowly we realised that we had bretheren through out our hostel who were as much chhakka as were we. "Oye chhakke kahan ja raha hai" was a normal onversation starter, or "kis chhakke ne mere bed pe ash giraya hai" and the likes. And life quite truly was an enjoyment. As a matter of fact we had resigned to the fact that we would never go out with a girl, and by all means that realisation was also fun, well mostly. Apart from the obvious laurel of not having a girl friend, oh sorry, not talking to a single woman on campus for most of us chhakkas, the other qualifications included failure and defeat that came by frequently. "Abe yaar is baar bhi kisi chhakke ka CAT clear nahi hua" or "abe tere se ek seedhi bowl nahi dalti kya chakka hai yaar tu" were normal concerns raised at our c-floor paralell wing. And laughing at each others' failures was also a source of enjoyment, perhaps a little insensitive at times, but it also sort of helped the 'loser' to come out of such shocks easily.

I by all means shared a strong connection with the number six. Well there are random connections here and there, such as my best bowling effort being 6 wickets, my group of chhakkas having six people etc., but these could be co-incidences. But picture this, none of which was done with any prior planning: the number of my bike is 1666, which is a second hand bike and so I had not control over the number and actually realised that I have this number long after I bought it from a friend, then i bought a new cell phone - Nokia 6600, then i took the GMAT - ya scored 660 and the essay score was 6. Eerie eh?

But then we came to the professional world. We had to be and act more responsible, at times because there were women around. Well as we had envisaged in our first year at college, it was'nt too hard to talk to females. I mean it was'nt normal, but it was'nt difficult either. Some of us actually had quite a number of conversations with women in their office which helped them come out of the chhakka tag, a tad. Well to be very honest, life is not the same now, it has changed, a lot. Not because of not being a chhakka or not being around a six, but certainly because the fun gauged out of being a six or being around sixes was not suddenly worth it. Probably maturity has set in and maybe thats why it is easier to interact with other people as well. Perhaps we have suddenly become more serious and we needed to be.

There is certainly more to life than meets the eye, because as soon as we settle into a rythym, life throws us off beat. But its nice, such a change in nice. Specially when you feel that you have lived through the entire length of any phase and enjoyed it. So, well what do you know, I go out to bat in our last corporate match, and I hit a six and 2 fours, entertaining ones, to win the match for the team, when we needed 50 from the last four overs, thank you very much. Its always nice to move on.


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Well there are random connections here and there, such as my best bowling effort being 6 wickets, my group of chhakkas having six people etc., but these ECG training Los Angeles
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