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Sunday, July 16, 2006 


As days go by my blog is slowly becoming an interface for people to know about me, it is with great pleasure that I write my blogs. Its always good to know that people care.

It’s been almost two months now that I have been working in my first job, and its so far so good. I generally like doing work. I never liked studying. I was probably afraid of objective assessment of whatever I do. From objective assessment I mean marks, grades and anything that would ascertain a difference of performance very clearly. I have never had the love for marks or grades. But it’s a part of life and you need to deal with it no matter how academically so. This is how it works out in a job. There are no marks no grades. You just get the job done. That’s good for me.

My office hours a pretty flexible and I make full use of them. I reach my office anytime between 10 an 11 and then its around 10 hrs from that point on. Since my joining day there has really never been a day when I have not had any work at all. There were a couple of days when I did not have anything real but I was doing my training so I guess that counts. So typically from the time I come to office till about lunch I don’t realize how time passes. I do my work do some brunching and it’s already 1. Then we have lunch at around 2 which finishes by 3 :P. this is the time every office guy has to learn to handle. It is the biggest test of them all. You just can help thinking of sleeping. You crave for your sleep and its not there. This is the part of the day which is very slow and tiring. Its hard to work, its hard to do anything. I don’t smoke, so I resort to coffee and tea. Atleast 7-8 cups everyday. Apart from that some cold drink and sometimes juice. So somehow I manage to scratch around and get to 5 and the day starts picking speed again. There is rejuvenation of sorts and suddenly I can concentrate much better. As its almost 6 lots of people are starting to leave. But for me the real story is just beginning. 6-8 is my time of highest productivity. I only work during this time or a n odd visit to the gym. And if I have to stay any longer than 8 then it’s party. I really like to work when there aren’t too many people in the office. It feels like doing something extra. And reaaly you don’t have anybody to chat around with and only the senior people are left so its serious work. Ofcourse it could all change tomorrow if I don’t like my work, but as of now it feels good to be doing something.

The end of the day is also pretty good. A long phone chat :D, and then talking to my room mates, about life…if you know what I mean ;). Life is good, but then again so far so good.

Great to know that u are enjoying your job . From the people that I have seen (who are limited though) few do.....

not all that much i guess...but i think i can like some part of my job

gr8 u like some parts of ur job and also that u have quit smoking....great luck ahead

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